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World: Matt Chapman's Bucket List

Hong Kong

In my career, I've been so fortunate to have been to many racecourses around the world... but I haven't been everywhere! Firstly, Hong Kong. A little bit like my second choice: for the atmosphere. The crowd, the support, and the love of racing. And because it doesn't happen every day, you really feel something special is going on when it does. Sha Tin and Happy Valley are two tracks I've never been to, that you really should look at.


You only have to see the crowds in Japan for big racedays, and every jockey who goes to Japan feels its very special. The audience is just sensational.


The other track I'm going to throw in is St Moritz, on the ice. This just looks as though it would be a good fun day, with a lash up after racing. You could be going somewhere I haven't!


For 2023 & 2024


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