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This year has flown by and with 2020 hot on our heels we begin to look at the upcoming horseracing events of the new year. Each year there are a number of fantastic races to look forward to, dress up for and even wager one. Horse racing is one of the most prestigious sports in the world and as one can imagine, the winning purse can reach exorbitant heights. With this in mind we take a look at the richest horse racing event to be held in 2020.


The Event is titled as the Saudi Cup and as such will be hosted in Saudi Arabia in the year 2020. The prestigious cup will offer up a purse of $20 000 million, one of the highest purse wins in history. The event will take place in Saudi Arabia at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack, one of the most prominent racing courses making the event even more prestigious. Some of the most famous sportsbooks will be taking in wagers, signup here to keep tabs on the event, otherwise keep watching to find out more details on the event.


This is what we know so far. The Saudi Cup is run over 1800 metres which is estimated at over 9 furlongs. The event will take place at the beginning of the year on the 29 th of February, leap year. There is an estimated maximum of 14 runners with the winner of the event walking away with a $10 million purse.


This will be the introduction of the first International race for Saudi Arabia, the new Saudi Cup, making history and becoming the first of its kind. Prince Bandar told media that he looks forward to welcoming all the international horsemen and women, the crowds, media and everyone in attendance. The event will generate massive publicity and bring in hundreds of tourists. Amongst the hordes will be Frankie Dettori in attendance. The jockey is famous around the world as a three time British Flat Racing Champion, impressing the crowds with his skill. According to the jockey himself, this track is his most favoured as he stated you can win from the front as well as from behind. He continued on saying it’s a fair track and looks forward to the race.

Horseracing is one of the biggest racing events in the world, one of the most prestigious. With

millions up for grabs and thousands of supporters watching and in attendance. Now with the

attention shifted on one of the most significant days of the year, leap year and a new title cup

introduction, there is bound to be loads of bells and whistles surrounding the event.

More details of the upcoming event will present themselves as the race begins to approach. For now, bettors are already awaiting the line-up so that their wagers are amongst the first to go in. Stay up to date with the Saudi Arabia Cup so as to not miss out.

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