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Ask Frankie

Last week we caught up with everyones favourite jockey Frankie Dettori, we asked all our social media followers to ask him some questions. We wanted to make this a bit fun as byt now we all know his favourite filly (Enable!) and what race he still wants to win (The Melbourne Cup) but do you know if he’s watched Tiger King?

How have you been keeping yourself entertained during lockdown? I have been riding out for John Gosden, I have been using my gym at home. Plus the weather has been quite good so don’t laugh, I have been doing about an hour a day of gardening! Just moving some turf around a bit, I have only been doing an hour a day and already have a bad back! The new house is a mess outside so I am trying to flatten some turf at the front. So I get the boys involved, Rocco is on the digger and Leo is on the tractor, so it keeps us amused! Have you watched Tiger King? Yes its funny, I think we watched the whole series in one day me and Catherien. And then I know there is a kinda dance the kids told me about, so I tried to learn it after a few beers the other day! “Carol Baskin Killed her husband and bashed him” so i haven’t mastered it yet but when I have I will post it for you! Would you trade your magnificent seven at Ascot for Enable to win a 3rd Arc? No, sorry. Listen you know she is special but seven in a day is something else, 350 years of horse racing in England it’s never happened so I am proud of that! What would you do if you weren’t a jockey? I wanted to be a footballer but I was too small and wasn’t good enough! I like golf, be a sportsman of some sort, I’m not very good at golf either! But if I had the t