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Alice and William Fox-Pitt: Eventing Breaks

The combination of racing and eventing

Alice: Equestrianism and passion for horses is what both sports are about. Of course, with racing, there's a multilayering (with punting etc). But, ultimately, it's still about horses. I think that's why I so often see big racing fans at eventing venues, and vice versa. The relationship is more marked at an international level, and we saw it during the Beijing Olympics , when equestrian competitions were held in Hong Kong, and hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

William: Eventing is slightly more drawn out, so it takes longer to decide on the winner. But the excitement is the same as it is in racing. I always say, in fact, you get better value for money in eventing, because you get dressage, showjumping and cross country. Having the three disciplines spread over a few days gives you a sense of belonging, spending time with the same people and devel