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Sorry, no events are available at Pardubice Racecourse at the moment.

Pražská 607, 530 02 Pardubice VI, Czechia
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There is no formal dress code at Pardubice Racecourse for the Velká Pardubická or any of its other racedays.

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The History

The racecourse is a wonderful green space, which breathes excitement and at the same time relaxation, the desire to win, love for horses and for nature, a history of triumphs and disappointed hopes. You enter into a different world – a world with a glorious tradition, a world that will get under your skin and will give you strength, a feeling of purpose and of awe.

Horse riding and the social life that is bound up with it began in the 19th century here, with hunting organised enthusiastically by the aristocracy. The pursuit of wild animals, in the course of which riders jumped challenging natural obstacles, led to horse races, and these rapidly became popular events. This led to the establishment of one of the toughest courses, and one of the toughest races in Europe, the Great Steeplechase, now well known as the Velka Pardubicka Cross-country Steeplechase. Pardubice became a centre for steeplechasing, thanks to its strategic location and thanks to the local countryside, which is ideal for steeplechasing. The first Velka Pardubicka was run in 1874, and right from the beginning the race attracted great interest. This unique race has a rich and fascinating history. It is well worth coming to the scene of the action and feeling the magic of the place for yourself.

From spring until late autumn, many sporting and social events are held at the course. They serve well as the main programme or as a background programme for meetings with friends, business partners and VIP guests. The pivotal, best-known events involve steeplechasing and flat racing. However, there have also been other interesting events – the European Juniors Championship in three-day eventing, the toughest of all horse-riding disciplines, Horses in Action, an international show accompanied by the biggest exhibition for horses and people in the Czech Republic, music festivals, Childrens Day, etc.