Palio di Siena

02 July - 16 August 2023


This is a bi-annual race which takes place in the charming Piazza Del Campo; the centre square of Siena. The Palio is steeped with history and dates back to medieval times. A thrilling spectacle as jockeys race round the square bareback, using force to push past any opponent who stands in the way.

Packages include an insight into the culture and traditions of this Tuscan town and the race which brings each of the small contrades (city subdivisions) to battle for the ultimate title. Experience a banquet of Tuscan delicacies and listen to stories and tales of times gone by.

Enjoy the luxuries of the Castel Monastero hotel hidden amongst the rolling hills and vineyards of the Tuscan countryside. Relax and enjoy the spa, pool, restaurants, and elegant rooms at this stunning location and prepare for the energetic jamboree that is the Palio di Siena.

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Sunday 2nd July 2023

Wednesday 16th August 2023


Where to be for the best views

There are no specific enclosures as the square is open to the public and there are several viewing points to watch the full race.

We offer packages including seats within the bleachers around the square, and also options to view the race from exclusive apartments overlooking the square.

Dress Codes

What to wear

No formal dress code.

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The square of Piazza del Campo is situated in the centre of Siena, Tuscany. The nearest train station is Stazione Ferroviaria Siena. The square is easily accessible by foot.